b'Game collecting terms to knowBasic game collecting termsCertification:The process of having your gamesInsert:Promotional material included inside professionally authenticated, graded, andthe video game box. Not necessary to be encapsulated in a tamper-evident case. Gameconsidered CIB. Any inserts will be listed on certification creates a consistent standard ofthe label or on the Matrix.authenticity and assessment that provides confidence to collectors, sellers, and buyers alike. Label:Sticker placed on a cartridge to identify a game. Also describes the information label Encapsulation:The process of packaging andof a certified game in a WATA casesealing games in a protective case. All games submitted to WATA are encapsulated in aRe-seal:This refers to a game that no longer tamper-evident holder as a part of thehas a factory seal, but has been re-sealed certification process. post-production.Auction house:This is a business that auctionsState:WATA certifies games in 3 statescertified collectibles to the highest bidder.factory sealed, complete-in-box (CIB), or loose Collectors who want to sell their games have(cartridge only).typically done so through an auction house. Loose cartridges:This is a great low-cost Cart:This is shorthand for a game cartridge. option for folks looking to get started with game collecting. (This would include things Counterfeit:Cartridge with either a fake label, non- like those random NES games the former 80s original guts, or made entirely from aftermarketand 90s kids have laying around!)parts. May also be a video game box or manual created by someone other than the original videoComplete-in-Box (CIB):This is the next step up game publisher to closely resemble the originalfrom loose cartridges; these games come with the intent of selling the counterfeitwith the original box, manual, and cartridge as an original. (and sometimes even the extra components or inserts that came with the game, such as Grading scale:Numerical scale used to quantify themaps, posters, warranty cards, etc.).condition of a video game. The scale goes from 0.0 to 10.0 with 23 levels'