b'Understanding the grading scaleSimilarly, modern games that are still being produced todaysuch as PS5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch gamesare readily available for purchase as case packs. They have much less exposure to conditions that cause natural wear and damage over time, including a limited shelf-life and handling at stores. Because of the greater security, flaws and wear are scrutinized more heavily and have a more amplified impact on the grade thanPS1 game with lots of spine ticks but no front cracksvintage gameseven though the vintage game in a side-by-side comparison of the two case fresh items might look worse.Ultimately, assessing grading outcomes between NES and PS4 games is like comparing apples to oranges. Or comparing a 1st-generation Charizard to an 8th-generation Impidimp. Overall its important to assess games based on similar media, eras, and consoles.All that said, perfect seals and no major grade detractors still dont guarantee a perfect grade. Manufacturing conditions play a role in grade variance on the higher end of the grading scale. Flaws caused by manufacturing can still show in perfectly-preserved gamesthrough such errors as crooked artwork inserts on plastic games.Manuals that are mishandled or misassembled cause creases on the booklet spine (called spine ticks) of jewel case games. This kind of flaw that exists under the seal might cause the attentive preservationist who was expecting a 9.8 to scratch their headPlastic game with crooked artwork vs. same game w/ centered artworkwhen their perfect game receives a 9.4.'