b'Understanding the grading scaleManufacturing flawsAtari Seam Split & Genesis Seam Split examplesIts not because you didnt do the extra credit; these games most likely wont receive our perfect grade because theyre not manufactured perfectly. Games can also be damaged while still within their case pack, in addition to any damage inflicted after theyre removed from the pack.Because the grading criteria are applied according to varying game types, certain flaws and grade detractors may carry more or less weight than others.Take original SEGA Genesis games, for instance. These bad boys were sealed with a hard plastic cellophane seal as opposed to the softer plastic shrinkwrap you might find on, say, a modern Nintendo Switch game. Because the cellophane seals are brittler and more prone to damage or manufacturing defects (such as a seal breaking/splitting along the seams over time, despite no mishandling or damage causing the split), the scale is slightly more forgiving or lenient compared to a Super Nintendo game from the same era.'