b'What is game collecting?What does it mean to be a game collector?When people say that they collect something, it usually just means they have a lot of a particular thing, whether its state quarters, Squishmallows, or portraits of Brendan Fraser from the 1999 cinematic masterpiece, The Mummy.In the gaming world, though, collectors are more like Mario searching for the keys to the Mushroom Castle. Theyre on a mission with a specific target in mind: games they loved as a kid, games they never got the chance to own, games that have great packaging or artwork, games with rich lore or contentious fandoms, games that complete a set, games that give them the ultimate bragging rights in their vintage gaming Discord server . . . and the list goes on and on.What kind of games are collectible?Whatever reason a person may have for getting into game collecting, video games have been around long enough that collectors can get certain games authenticated, certified, and preserved as valuable pieces of art and history.The market for video games is unique in that you dont need Bruce Wayne levels of wealth to get in on the fun; there are various ways to get involved depending on your budget.'