b'Price discovery Whats nextNow that you have a good idea of how much your game might be worth, youre ready to submit your game to WATA for grading.During the submission process, youll use the information you gathered to put down a declared value for your game. If you find that your game sold for a range of prices, its better to err on the side of caution and put down a declared value thats on the higher end of that range.It may be tempting to low-ball the value of your game to save a few bucks on the price of grading, but we definitely dont recommend it. Heres why:We use that declared value to insure your game from the time it arrives at WATA to the time it gets back to you. So if our facility gets raided by Koopa Troopas, or if your game is on a FedEx truck that gets hit with a blue shell, that insurance will kick in and determine how much we can reimburse you for the damage or loss of your game.In other words, if you underestimate your game value, we cant pay you more than what you declared.So, even though it might cost you a little more upfront, its always better to do your homework and tell us how much you think your game is actually worth before sending it in for grading.If nothing else, remember this: know your variants, look for recently sold listings, dont low-ball your declared value, and get excited to join the community of WATA collectors and gaming enthusiasts!'