b'Price discovery Auction housesAnother great option for price discovery is auction houses like Heritage Auctions and Goldin Auctions.Auction houses are a little more regulated than sites like eBay, and can be more helpful in finding an accurate price estimate for your game. (For example, eBay will only display the past 90 days of sales, while auction house sites will allow you to see all historical sales of the graded game in question.)Youll need to create a free account on your auction house website of choice. From there, the process for price discovery is pretty similar to what you did on eBay:1 Enter the title of your game and any significant details into the search bar.2 Filter results to show only completed sales, sorting the listings so that the most recent sales show first.3 Start digging into the listings themselves, keeping those key questions in mind to find the games that are most similar to your own.'