b'Price discovery Before you get startedEven before you crack open your browser, youll want to know if there are multiple variants of your game, and which variant you have, as that will significantly impact the price of your game on the market.We talked about variants in Chapter 1, so you can super jump over there for a more detailed overview. For the purposes of this chapter, just remember that games are often re-released, and each of those releases is a different version or variant of the game.(If you wanna get really nerdy about it, variants are like a snapshot of the time and place where a game was produced, letting you know the when and where of your particular games origin story.)Variants arent the only things that matter when it comes to estimating the value of your games, and figuring out a good price isnt as simple as just knowing what variant you have.Like any other market, time and context matters. During COVID, for instance, collectible video game prices skyrocketed to unsustainable heights (along with the price of just about everything), and now weve just started to see those highs level out to a more realistic range.Another important factor in price estimation is the relative rarity and condition of your game; has your game been sold at auction before? Is it in pristine condition, or does it look like it rattled around the bottom of your bookbag for 10 years?'