b'How to submit a gameStep 6: Sending your game to WATAAfter your payment has been accepted, print out your order confirmation page. This page includes a QR code and list of the items in your order and will need to be included in your package when you send us your game. 9 8Pack up your game, add the order confirmation to the box or envelope, and mail everything to WATA using any mailing service or method you want.We recommend making sure that you add enough insurance to protect your game on its way to us; our insurance will cover you from the time the game arrives at WATA to the time its delivered back to you. (If youre shipping internationally, you will be responsible for paying any duty fees.)Step 7: Sit back, relax, and get excited!Congratulations! Youve successfully submitted your game to WATA for grading. All thats left to do is wait for us to mail it back to you, graded, encapsulated and ready to go in your trophy case or be listed for sale on the auction or resale site of your choice. If our graders have any questions for you, or if there are any issues with your game, our team will send you an email to get in touch. You can also track the status of your game in your dashboard under Open Orders.Hopefully this guide gave you a clear step-by-step process for submitting your games to WATA. If you have any questions at all, dont hesitate to call us at (800)-976-9182 or email us at [email protected] cant wait to see what games you send our way.'