b'How to submit a gameStep 4: Choose your submission options + add-onsNow that youve told us what game youre sending us and how much its worth, you have several submission options to choose from.You can choose from three service levels for your game submission. Each level has a different processing time; the cost of these tiers depends on the speed of service and the game youre submitting. (Really valuable games may cost more to ensure that we have enough insurance to protect your game.) Our three tiers are Turbo (90 business days), SpeedRun (45 business days), and WarpZone (9 business days).You can also opt for some add-ons in your WATA submission, including Deep Badge upgrade Light cleaning badges for high-scoring games, professional cleaning, photo services, This is a prestigious badgeWell remove any superficialand reholdering for graded games that need a new holder.reserved only for games thatdirt, grime, or Cheeto dust grade above a 9.0. from your game and makeOnce youve selected your service and add-ons, you can hit Add to sure its ready to get the highest possible grade. Queue to add your game to your cart. Reholder Photo services Click Add another to add another game to your cart for submission, or This option is for collectorsWell take high-resolution,click Go to cart to checkout.who want to replace aprofessional photos of your damaged holder for a gamegame after its been graded thats already been graded. and encapsulated.'