b'How to submit a gameStep 3: Enter game detailsAt this point, youve told us the platform and title of your game, but well need to know a little bit more before you can submit it for grading.First, youll tell us about the game state, or the physical state of your game. Is it sealed? Closed in Box (CIB)? Loose Cart (cartridge)? (Note: not all options will be available for all games!)Then, youre going to tell us the Declared Value of your game. This is where you estimate much you think your game is worth.This part is super important because it tells us how much insurance we need for your game during the grading process.If you lowball the value of your game, WATA can only reimburse you for the declared value if something goes wrong. (Its rare, but accidents happen.) So if you have a $3,000 game, but you declare the value as $300, WATA can only reimburse you up to $300 if the game is damaged.'