b'The life cycle of a WATA-graded game5Put a label on itYour game has made it through the grading processtime to celebrate with a label!Our team will print a label that includes all the relevant information about your game, including variant information and your newly assigned grade. We have our V1, or Verification 1, quality checkpoint here as well, to make sure that everything on the label is accurate before we seal and encapsulate your game.6Sealed for posterityNow that your game has that fresh, crispy, new label with your grade and game information, your game is ready to be sealed and encapsulated for eternity like King Tut in his sarcophagus or Han Solo in his block of carbonite.If you opted for the professional photo option when you submitted your game, that will happen now. Our team will take some glamor shots that you can share on social media, put in your locket, or bring to your tattoo artist for reference.Once encapsulated, we have our V2 (Verification 2) quality checkpoint to make sure that everything looks perfect before your game is repackaged and shipped back to you.'