b'The life cycle of a WATA-graded game4Time for grading!Its the moment weve all been waiting for: grading. Once your game has been authenticated, its passed to our graders for their evaluation.If you paid extra to have your game cleaned, our team will do that now in the grading room right before games get graded. Game cleaning is a great, inexpensive add-on that can improve your game gradebut remember that there are some instances where cleaning might not make sense. For instance, if your game is still packed in its original case, it might make sense to just leave it be. (The less handling, the better.)Every game thats sent to WATA is assessed by at least three graders. We do this to ensure that theres consistency and consensus in our grading process, and to prevent any human error from skewing the results.After your game is assigned a grade by the first two graders, the third and final grader (a more senior member of our team) will independently grade the game and then have a chance to review the two previous grades assigned by the other team members.What happens when theres a discrepancy between these grades?We use these moments as training opportunities for newer graders and bring in a more experienced department lead to provide input and guidanceensuring that the final grade assigned to the game is accurate.'