b'The life cycle of a WATA-graded game2Nerd alert! Time for researchNow that your game has been received, sorted, and imaged, our team is ready to get down to business. But before your game is put in the hands of our graders, it needs to stop by our research team first.Our experts track down all the important identifying information about your game, looking into what the existing variants are and which variant you have. (This is great news, because it means you dont have to spend the time and energy researching this yourself; let our team do the work for you!)3No counterfeits allowedAfter our researchers are finished, your game will go to authentication, where our team will confirm that your game is authentic.We cant tell you everything that goes on here since we need to maintain some of the mystery behind the WATA secret sauce.We use a combination of digital and physical tools, methods, and technology to sniff out any fakes. We also incorporate some advanced technology (even AI!) to make sure that our authentication process improves over time.'