b'The life cycle of a WATA-graded game1Lets get ready to rumble: your game has arrived at WATAYour lovingly-packaged game arrives on our doorstep, ready for our graders to roll up their sleeves and discover the treasure within.But before grading can begin, your game has a few more stops in its journey Games are taken to itemization and sorted Our team checks to make sure that your box hasnt been damaged in transit For any international packages, we make sure all duties are paid. Your game is passed to receiving, where all games and packages are opened under camera (actually, the entire WATA process is recorded on camera, to make sure we get everything just right) In receiving, our team makes sure that the game in your package matches the game listed in your order From there, games are sorted based on submission tier, which determines how quickly games will be graded, encapsulated, and mailed back to collectors As a final step before the true grading process begins, our team will take detailed images of your game that will be uploaded to your dashboard where you can view them online.'