b'What is game collecting? Rev-A vs No Rev-A:In January 1988, Nintendo started producing NES game cartridges with a 3-screw design, instead of their previous 5-screw design. NES games from Jan 1988 and later have Rev-A on the box to indicate this change in design. Players Choice and Greatest Hits:Players Choice was a promotional marketing label used by Nintendo to promote games that sold over a million copies. Greatest Hits was a similar program that Sony used to promote reprints of popular PlayStation games. Because these games are always later prints, they are typically much less valuable than the original prints or variants. Made in Japan vs. Made in Mexico:This is a Nintendo game variant that refers to where the game was produced. Sometimes games were only produced in either Japan or Mexico, while other games were first produced in Japan and later reprinted in Mexico. For SNES games that were made in both places, Made in Japan is always considered the more desirable and valuable game variant.Players Choice copies of N64 games, for example, can be indicated by the gold emblem in the top right corner as well as a change of the boxs side color from Red to Gold.'