b'What is game collecting?2Game variants: choose your weaponCardboard hangtabs appear on highly Once your game is graded, you have a couple of options. Some people will keepdesirable, earlier prints of NES games.their authenticated game as a piece of memorabilia for their personal collection. If, however, you want to sell your game, you need to understand what you have and just how valuable it is.When it comes to trade value, not all games are created equal (and not all versions of the same game are created equal, either).Many of our favorite vintage video games were released over the course of several years, and game manufacturers may have made changes (big and small) to different game components during that time. Each version of a game thats been changed over time is called a variant, and the variant you have will impact the rarity, desirability, and value of your game. Plastic hangers are applied to the outside of the box and neither add to nor Here are some of the major game variants that youll come across in the vintagedetract from value.gaming world Hangtab:These specifically refer to the cardboard perforation on vintage game boxes that was intended to be used for hanging games on a store display. (For example, you can find these on the boxes of certain classic NES games). Dont confuse hangtabs with the thick plastic stickers that youll find on the outside of sealed games Seal of Quality (SOQ):NES games produced before March 1989 have a round SOQEarlier prints of NES games like the copy of Super Mario Bros. on the left printed directly on the game box. For games produced after March 1989, Nintendohad the original Round SOQ, while all games Nintendo produced after March 1989even through todaybear the ubiquitous Oval SOQ.started using an oval SOQ. This oval SOQ is present on all licensed Nintendo products, even through today (just check the back of your Switch games!).'