b'What is game collecting?Getting startedReady to make the jump from game owner to game collector? Heres a quick summary of some things youll need to know before you dive in.1Grade your game: get the highest scoreAt WATA, our grading scale can be broken down into two parts: A numerical gradeof 1-10 rates the condition of the game itself. 1 is the lowest grade, and it increases in increments of 0.5 from 1-9. Between 9-10, the grades are assigned in increments of 0.2. A letter graderates the condition of the factory seal that was used to package your game during production. These letter grades range from C, C+, B, B+, A, A+, and even A at the high end. (Dont worry, we also grade games without a factory seal, including loose cartridges and CIB games.)Using this scale, 10 A would be a perfect grade for your game. Practically speaking, though, 9.8 A is about as close to perfect as most people can get. Thats because we have to open your games in order to grade them, and doing so introduces an extremely minor (but unavoidable) amount of wear to the game.'