b'What is game collecting?Why would I get my games graded?Grading is the process of having your games professionally authenticated and assigned a grade based on its condition.Game certification creates a consistent standard of authenticity and assessment that provides confidence to collectors, sellers, and buyers alike. This means that grading your games doesnt just preserve them for your own benefit, but it also gives you the option to eventually sell them to the highest bidder for some cold, hard cash (or even cryptocurrency, if thats your thing!).But what if you want to play the games you collect without diminishing their market value?Thankfully, game technology has advanced to the point where we have tools like the Everdrive that allow you to play your favorite vintage video games without needing to source the physical discs or cartridges. And over the last decade, companies like Nintendo have rolled out a number of offerings such as the Wii Virtual Console, the NES and SNES Classic, or the Nintendo Switch Online NES, SNES, and N64 suite of digital downloads that allow you to relive your retro gaming experiences with ease.'